Charter cruises to Villa Bergholmen

In the wake of the Vikings

When Helsinki did not exist yet. When Turku was a marginal trading place. When the majority of Finns lived in the woods and worshipped the lightning god. When the world maps depicted Finland as a coastline near the North Pole.

Back then - a thousand years ago - an international channel, our first road to Europe, passed through the southern archipelago of Finland. The channel named "Austrvegr" was especially busy during the Viking era. From 800 to 1000 AD a harbour and a trading place evolved on the coasts of a strait separating the islands of Hiittinen and Rosala, and was found by archaeologists one thousand years later. Hundreds of artefacts were exposed in archaeological excavations carried out in the 1990s. Jewellery, guns, coins, fractions of pottery from the Viking period indicate that the area had been an important crossing of international trade.

When following the trails of the Vikings, you can sense and experience the rustling of wind in the sails of history. And what is best, the archipelago sceneries by the East road are today as fascinating and beautiful in their roughness as they were during the Viking era.

- Paula Wilson

For charter companies that sail in the wake of the Vikings, the proximity of Berholmen to the Helsinki-Turku route offers an excellent place to rest or travel, while the ship crew can find help for major boat service works from the marina of Taalintehdas.

Boat cruises to Villa Bergholmen

A boating trip in the beautiful scenery of the archipelago is a unique experience. The islands that were formed during the Ice Age together with the beauty of the Baltic Sea belong in the realm of rough rocky islets, forested islands, diverse nature and large open waters.

We can tailor a chartered cruise for your personnel, cooperation partners or other interest groups exactly the way that suits your needs.

An example: a cruise to Villa Bergholmen, an evening with sauna and accommodation in the villa, a road trip back home from Taalintehdas on the next day.

Short day trips from Bergholmen

A few route examples:

* A boat trip to the water paradise of Kasnäs Archipelago Spa. Trip duration about 30 minutes.

* Högsåra and Farmors café, a gate to the islands, the promised land with heathy pine forests, has been marked in our maps already for centuries. Here even the Vikings have sailed past, and our men piloted Swedish royal ships sailing across our rocky waters already in the 16th century. From 1808 to 1809 the war front between the Swedes and the Russians ran here. A minor sea battle was held at Lövö. Trip duration about 25 minutes.

* Rosala Viking Centre, a window to the Iron Age Finland. Trip duration about 40 minutes.

* A brief cruise in the picturesque archipelago. Trip duration about 60 minutes.

Kemiönsaari has wide and diverse options for hiking, offering plenty to see and experience.